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Memorial Products

Creating Bespoke Memorial Products for Clients throughout the UK

Throughout history, memorials have been an important part of most cultures and civilisations. From the great pyramids of ancient Egypt to the 9/11 memorial garden in New York, they provide a welcome comfort at a profoundly difficult time. They also play an important part throughout the grieving process. That’s why we provide memorial jewellery, keepsakes, and a living memorial service, which allows you to express the life of your loved one in a personal way.

Living Memorial

A unique and lasting tribute, a living memorial involves the planting of a tree to celebrate the life and work of a loved one. Some coffin manufacturers operate a scheme, in which tree saplings are planted in national forests and woodlands for each solid wood coffin or casket that is created. The Woodland Trust also provides a tree dedication service.

Memorial Jewellery

This is perhaps the newest and most novel idea. Pieces of memorial jewellery are generally designed to hold a small amount of their loved one’s ashes, or a lock of hair. Increasingly, families live across the globe. As a result, many are choosing memorial jewellery as a suitable way for several family members to share a loved one’s ashes.


Many people prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes at home with them. There are several types of urns or caskets, some of which hold photographs or mementos. For a more immediate tribute, we also provide floral arrangements for funerals and processions.

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