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Funeral Services

Although a funeral is a time to say goodbye to your loved one, it can also be an occasion that celebrates their life. We believe in providing comprehensive support and guidance, which results in a tailored, personal funeral.

As a reputable funeral director, we understand that your personal or religious beliefs, cultural background and budget may influence your decisions. As a result, we’re here to help you choose the most appropriate option for your family.


This service is provided as a lower-cost option, or as an option for those that prefer a modest funeral service. We provide the same caring and supportive service to your loved ones and your family, while ensuring that the cost is kept to a minimum. The service includes the following

  • Our Professional Services
  • Transfer to Our Chapel of Rest
  • The Provision of a Simple Coffin
  • The Provision of a Hearse Directly to the Crematorium or Cemetery

Natural Burial

Natural, green, or woodland burial are all terms that describe burial in an area that creates or preserves wildlife and its natural habitat. In recent years, concern for our environment has grown. This includes the use of fuel and emissions that are associated with cremation, with stone used for traditional memorials, and with the impact, chemicals have on groundwater.

This concern led more people to consider natural burial, and in turn, many independent woodland sites were developed. Several eco-friendly coffins are also available, and they include the following:

  • Cardboard 
  • Wicker or Bamboo
  • FSC Certified Materials

Burials and Cremations

Traditional burials or cremations are either religious or non-religious, and they take place in either a church, another place of worship, in the cemetery, or in a crematorium chapel. Most cemeteries and crematoria are non-denominational and welcome most types of funeral. It should be noted that burial in a churchyard will be dictated by the faith that is practiced in its church.

Burial is generally the most expensive option. The cost of a grave is far higher than the cost of a cremation service. Our team are happy to answer any questions regarding this, as it’s important to make a decision that reflects the wishes of the deceased, while taking into account your current situation.

A traditional funeral usually involves the cortège arriving at the family home, before proceeding to a cemetery, crematorium, or place of worship. As with all our funerals, we are happy for family members to be directly involved in this. This includes those who wish to become pallbearers.

Religious and Non-Religious Services

Most cemeteries and crematoria are non-denominational, which means that they are happy to accommodate every style and type of funeral. If you and your family practice a particular faith, you may wish for your own minister to officiate at your loved one’s funeral. You may also think it is important for a religious minister to conduct a funeral, even if you’re not a member of a place of worship. We’re happy to assist with all inquiries.

A life celebrant may be the best option if you and your family would like a completely bespoke service. This focuses on your loved one, but also includes elements from prayers or hymns. An alternative to this is a humanist service, which also focuses entirely on your loved one and their life, yet remains non-religious in content.

If a family member or friend wishes and feels confident enough, there is no reason why you cannot conduct the funeral yourselves. However, as a funeral is such an emotional event, it may be difficult for someone close to carry out the service. We can approach an appropriate minister on your behalf, who will contact you to discuss your needs. Our team liaise with them throughout, which ensures a streamlined service.

Our Direct Cremation Service

A direct cremation is a cost-effective funeral service option, and it’s available if no chapel service is required, or if no mourners are attending. We take care of all the necessary arrangements. This includes bringing your loved one to our chapel of rest, where they remain until the day of the cremation. We also provide a plain veneered coffin with a nameplate.

On the day of the cremation, the coffin is taken directly to the crematorium by our private ambulance. This usually occurs before 10am. Although there is no minister to conduct the service, it is possible to choose a suitable piece of music.

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